Sep 16 2012

Plug-ins That Decorate iTunes

iTunes of Apple gained much popularity since it supported quite a lot of plug-ins by enhancing their functionality, minimizing their errors and improving their usability. Plug-ins that controls the various functions of iTunes are plenty and a few that have been in use widely are as mentioned below:

ByteController is an add-on that mimics ‘keyboard functions’ of a computer, thus making browsing a very easy function.

DockArt plug-in changes the display of icons in the dock into the album cover of the song that is being played at the moment.

DRM Dumpster helps to unDRM your iTunes music library by first burning it into a CD and then by ripping it back into the hard drive.

GimmeSomeTune furnishes a list of features like the listing and downloading of lyrics, album cover, appearance, iChat, “Recently Played List” etc.

iConcertCal is an iTune plug-in that provides a new visualize which helps you to view the tracks that are currently playing as well as those in queue to play next.

iSpazz is a cool plug-in that controls the keyboard and display backlights of your system.

iTuneMyWalkman – iTuneMyWalkman supports any portable device other than iPod and synchronizes the mobile device with the various iTunes playlists which turns-on when the connection is established.

iTunes Album Playlist Creator helps you to create a playlist of your music library and to name it accordingly.

iTunes Export plug-in helps you to get an output of your iTunes library or a particular playlist as it is in your library.

iTunes Folder Watch keeps a track of the music that is being played and if it is not available in your music library, this plug-in automatically adds it or queue it in the playlist.

iTunes Sync enables to make your iTunes library available to any MP3 players other than iPod.

iVisualize and Magnetosphere are visualize plug-ins which help to download visualize based themes to your device and even support creation of new ones or modifications based on the available visualiser themes.

Moody plug-in tags your favorite tracks by using different colors for different moods and helps to create playlist on the basis of moods.

Quicksilver helps you to control your playlists and sort them by browsing the library. You may choose the preferred song by either sorting the artist list or the track’s title.

Senuti is a highly preferred plug-in that helps you to copy songs from any iPod to your iTunes library. Senuti is considered special since it keeps a check on the possibility of duplicating the music.

Symphonic – This is a very useful widget that helps the user to access to their favorite songs quickly just by entering the title of the song.

The Filter is a plug-in for creating playlist and its best features can recommend similar tracks, if you furnish three sample tracks.

You Control: Tunes provides a menu bar that controls the navigation through music libraries and helps to quickly access to track and song information.

This is just a glimpse of what is available in the web world of digital music. New Plug-ins find their way to the users to boost the morale of iTune lovers.

Apr 21 2012

Poker Stars Stats Explained

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to get serious about your online poker experience at Poker Stars you’ll need to equip yourself with as many tools as you can. There are some amazing poker stat tracker software programs out there which are reasonably priced and help your game immensely. When you’re a new poker player having stats software isn’t important as it’ll be too confusing as you already have enough to learn, but once you have the basic concept and strategy of the game under your belt then you need to work on becoming better.

You can use Italia stats to examine your game so that you can improve your game in areas that need improved. You can also use the software for examining other poker player’s stats which can help you make big decisions when playing big hands online. Most poker rooms are tracked by the stats programs out there, so make sure you find a program with lots of poker room stats implemented.

The stats that are presented using these poker stats software programs are incredible and it will give you a huge advantage over players who aren’t using any stats software. The two best poker stats trackers on the market right now is PokerTracker and HoldemManager. Both are very popular and well respected in the poker world and you can’t go wrong with either one. In order to fully understand the stats you receive it’s important that we briefly look at what each acronym means.

VP$IP – Voluntary Put Money into Pot

This stats is used to track how often you play hands and it’s important that you try to remain in between 10%-25% in this stat. Blinds aren’t voluntary so they aren’t tracked in this stat, it only counts when you bet, raise or call a bet which means you’ve voluntarily put money into the pot.

PFR – Pre-Flop Raise

This stat is used to track how often you get the raise before the flop and you should try remaining between 7-15%. It’s important to raise at least 5%+ of the hands you play because if you don’t then it’s too predictable what you have when you do raise and you won’t get much action. You also need to make sure that you don’t raise pre-flop much more then 15% of the time or else you run the risk of running into huge hands too often.

WTSD – Went to Showdown

Went to showdown is the stat used to track how many times you go down to the river and a typically percentage is 25%-30%. If you’re over this then you’re playing too many marginal hands which isn’t good for your bankroll.

There are more valuable stats presented in these poker software programs, but these are some of the more important stats to help you play poker online. Make sure that you learn the rest of the acronyms and what they mean as well so that you can use all the stats and features when you buy your poker stats tracker. Remember I only recommend using one of these programs once you have already learned how to play poker and once you’re fairly good at the game.

Apr 15 2012

The Saga of iTunes

iTunes and its plug-ins are the buzz words of digital entertainment today. The history of iTunes is synonymous with the growing presence of digital entertainment in the everyday life of millions, around the world. From a simple tape recorder, entertainment systems have grown gigantic in facilities and atomic in size with the introduction of the iTune application by the Apple which has stolen the hearts of many people. Born in 2001 as a simplified version of the SoundJam MP, the first versions worked to incorporate features like CD burning, visual effects, supportive of languages like Spanish, German, French, Italian and Japanese and bundled with Mac OS X v10.1. The Version 2 took care of enhancing the CD Burning and sound features and introduced the equalizer effects and iPod synchronization features and even supported the Rio One MP3 player. Stability and performance has improved in this version with a considerable expansion in the AppleScript support. The Version 3 introduced the Playlist and “My Rating” options and other features that improved performances and enhanced support to Mac OS X v10.2 and

The Version 4 is the most classic one in the saga of iTunes as it brought along with it a handful of key features – Music Store, music sharing, AAC audio codec, voice notes, DVD burning, linking of AOL accounts with the music stores, AirTunes, Videos, Podcasting etc being a very few of those. The 5th and 6th Versions focused on making iTunes, more user-friendly by fixing the problems experienced in the previous versions and simplifying through modification of existing features. The Version 7 of iTunes has been the longest one which saw this explosive product spreading its wings and establishing itself by introducing support to various devices like iPhone, poker beer, iPod, Apple TV and the new App Store. The following three versions saw a consistent cleaning up of various issues and enhancements of several features, which successfully made iTunes popular among the digital entertainment lovers. It was in the Version 9 that the support to iPad was introduced.

The Version 10 had the latest add-on on November 14th, 2011 with the introduction of iTune Match, which enables the users to match the existing music tracks with those available in the music libraries. ‘Ping’, a drastic feature put forward in this version simply allows the user to listen to their famous tracks and singers and to follow them by receiving regular updates from their social networking pages like twitter, facebook etc. Though this service follows a slow but steady growth, the fan base of Ping is growing up so fast and high. The popularity of iTunes stems out from the thorough revisions carried out every now and then which fixes bugs and problems and enhances capability and functionality of the devices. The large variety of plug-ins that are available makes the iTunes close to heart to its millions of admirers as it just makes the usage simple and efficient. Some of the most popular plug-ins of iTunes are Symphonic, ScrobblePod, iTuneMyWalkman, ByteController, iTunes Album Playlist Creator, GimmeSomeTune, DockArt, iTunes-LAME and Visualizers: iVisualize and Magnetosphere.

Mar 8 2012

Poker Hall of Fame

The Poker Hall of Fame is the prestigious organization that has given a new horizon and respect to the game of poker. It is for the professional poker players in the United States. It was founded in 1979 Las Vegas, Nevada, and its headquarters are located in Las Vegas too.


The Creative Director and Founder is Benny Binion, who is also the owner of the Horseshoe Casino, created Poker hall of Fame to preserve the names and legacies of the world’s greatest poker players. His casino has the status of a tourist attraction. Binion has always been very creative and smart businessman, for instance in 1949, he convinced many professional gamblers and players to play high stakes poker heads up where the public could watch them. He is behind the idea and formulation of the first World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 1970. Today, the membership in the Poker Hall of Fame is directly handled by the WSOP.


To be a member in the Hall of Fame is the dream of every poker player. Cloutier, the finest poker wine taster in the hall of fame, is one of the few luckiest players who achieved his dream and won two bracelets in all three types (Pot Limit High, Limit High, and Limit 8-or-Better High-low split) in 2006. When he became a part of this prestigious organization, he exclaimed his pleasure and excitement in these words:

“It’s one of two things I’ve always wanted to win.”

Until 2010, 40 people have been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, eighteen of whom are still living.


? A gambler must have played poker against acknowledged top competition,

? Played for high stakes,

? Played consistently well, gained the respect of peers,

? And stood the test of time.

? Or, for non-players, contributed to the overall growth and success of the game of poker, with indelible positive and lasting results

(reference taken from: Barbara and the Poker Hall of Fame”. CardPlayer Magazine. Retrieved 2008-03-03.)


Tom Dwan was selected by public voting in 2009 as the finalist for Poker Hall of Fame, he is considered the youngest (only 23 years) and was an online poker professional. However, he was not accepted due to his young age and since then the age for membership was set above 40 years.


Linda Johnson has the honor of being selected not only as 2011 winner but she is also given the title of “The First Lady of Poker”. Linda was a publisher of Card Player Magazine and has key role in the formation of the Tournament Director’s Association (TDA).At the time of her election, she served on the TDA Board of Directors and was very enthusiastically involved in the activities of World Poker Tour as a public relations director and tournament announcer. On her acceptance, she exclaimed her joy in following words:

“I am extremely proud and humbled to be voted into the Poker Hall of Fame, I feel lucky to have been involved in many facets of poker over the past 35 years. Being recognized by the industry is a tremendous honor.”

Feb 12 2012

iTunes – The Revolutionary Music Store

Once upon a time, we had a public radio in place, a radio which sings songs and telecasts news for people. It was the order of the day that people gathered around the large music systems to listen to their favorite songs with the purpose of initiating and participating in discussions. Much water has flown by and today we have music and news, as a part of one’s privacy and enjoyment. This is the era of personalized music, thanks to the innovative ideas out forward by the Apple Inc. as it makes one possible to cherish a personal music library. The move by Apple to include iTunes is a revolutionary move as it efficiently helps one to manage and organize one’s favorite songs and video clips. ‘iTunes’ is basically a software program to systematize the various required features of music player such as to play, to download and to put in order digital files on desktop as well as in various prestigious products of Apple like the iPad, iPhone and iPod. ‘iTunes’ was introduced by Apple in the year 2001. The first version of iTunes – iTunes 1.0 – was released one 09th January 2001 and today, 10 years down the lane, the iTunes smoothly made its way to the lives of common man, around the globe. ‘iTunes’ is the simplified, most popular form of music program software of the day that bridges the user with iTunes stores to purchase and to download music, videos, movies, games, audio-texts, ringtones etc. The popularity of iTunes owes a lot to the drawback of Apple products that data cannot be transferred from one mobile device of Apple to another.

To quote the Apple, in the simplest words, iTunes is the entertainment superstore that stays open 24×7. The iTune plug-ins are easy to handle as they are self explanatory. A wide array of poker soda plug-ins is available for various applications of iTunes for the enhancement of audio, video, appearance, utility, playlist, visualization, tracking, radio options, podcasts etc. What started as a simple music jukebox is today a pioneer guide in the music entertainment planet. The latest version of iTunes is capable of giving expert recommendations on the kind of music or videos you prefer to watch or listen, taking cue from the collection available on your device. A key feature of iTunes is the easy navigation that helps you to reach out to your favorite playlists without many hassles and irritating selection procedures. iTune plug-ins has the advantage of possessing features that are perfectly in tune with the current age life that makes available the features, just a click away. Moreover, the enjoyment of iTunes application doesn’t concede with just the basic feature, but it gives the added benefits of its allied features too. While listening to your favorite music, the plug-ins of iTunes also facilitates you to browse through other data pertaining to the songs like its lyrics, similar tunes, most popular fans of the playing tunes etc. iTunes helps to keep track of your favorite Television Shows and also has applications that support to buy or rent out your dearest movies.

Feb 18 2011

How to steal the blinds

No limit Texas Holdem poker- how to steal the blinds

One of the ways in which you can ensure that you will survive in a no limit texas holdem game is by stealing the blinds. You can remain in the game for a longer time if you steal enough blinds and you would have a higher stack than what you began with initially.

What does stealing the blinds mean?

In holdem poker, there are mandatory opening bets like the small and the big blinds that the players are required to make. These bets would be made by the first and the second player seated on the left of the button. This would make up the pot initially. Stealing the blinds means trying to win the pot or win the blinds. When you steal the blinds, it would serve two different purposes, you would be able to have extra chips without any challenges and you would also be able to reduce the stack of your opponents at the table.

Stealing the blinds

Every player in a no limit game should know how to steal the blinds since this is a very important skill and can help the player go a long way in the game. To steal the blinds, you should be able to make the opponents drop out of the betting rounds before the flop. In order to do this, you should raise and re-raise during pre-flop betting round. If you are under a lot of pressure and require the blinds to build up your stack, start betting more than the minimum amount. If you are at a poker table in a late or middle position, you must place a bet that is twice as much as the minimum bet amount. If you want to steal the blinds, you will have to avoid the mini raises and will have to bet aggressively.

The strategy

For the lat position, you will be in a good position to steal the blinds. If most players have already folded their cards by the time it is your turn to bet, you can steal the blinds by dominating the game. If you have a short stack and need the blinds, then it would be a good thing to go all in at once. This would be much better rather than waiting to be raised. Whenever possible, lead the betting rounds. Also, if there are only very few players at the table then it would be a good thing to steal the blinds since you would be required to place the blinds more often and you would soon run out of your chips.

However, you should not really try to steal the blinds for every round. If you try to do this, you would be required to make big raises. If another player decides to call and if you miss out on the flop, then you would be losing a good deal of money. Also, not all blinds are valuable enough to steal. Only steal if the blinds would be able to increase the size of your stack significantly otherwise you should just forget about it.

May 9 2010

Annie Duke and Ultimate Bet

Annie Duke of UltimateBet was born in Concord, New Hampshire and lived there throughout her entire childhood. Cards was a huge part of the family and they always played house games against each other where winning was the only thing important to them. If you didn’t already know Annie Duke’s brother is Howard Lederer of Full Tilt Poker who is also a poker pro and has dominated the circuit.

Annie left her small town of Concord to go to Columbia University when she was eighteen years old as she wanted to try life in the big city. She later graduated from Columbia with a major in Psychology and English and was planning on becoming a teacher like both her parents. Her plans changed though and she went to the University of Pennsylvania to study Cognitive Psychology.

After starting her studies at the University of Pennsylvania she decided to propose to an old-time friend and leave all of her studies behind. She married her old friend Ben Duke and moved away to Colorado to live with Ben. In order to pay the bills and mortgage Annie started playing poker in local card rooms and winning quite a bit of money.

Once her brother Howard seen how well she was doing at the local poker rooms in Colorado he made a suggestion to her that she should join one of the World Series of Poker events in Vegas. Annie decided that it was worth the chance and she entered the 1994 WSOP main event where she placed thirteenth. After winning money in the main event she started playing cash games in Vegas for the rest of the month and she kept seeing success. At this point Annie and Ben Duke moved to Las Vegas so that she could continue playing poker professionally on Ulimate Bet.

Annie is a true poker star and has been playing poker professionally now for over a decade and has amassed quite the resume which has made her one of the best poker players in the world. She won her first WSOP bracelet in 2004 and in that same year she won an invitation only event for poker champions with a first place prize of $2 million. You can still see Annie playing in many of the large buy-in events on the WSOP, WPT and other events as well as television shows. Duke is constantly asked to appear on poker television shows and she has made more appearances then most poker players in the world.

Annie has appeared on television shows like Poker After Dark and she has also hosted an UltimateBet television show with Phil Hellmuth where the two needed to choose poker teams from certain players after watching them play. Annie also has her own book and DVD series training poker players to become professional poker players just like she has. Just recently you might have remembered seeing Annie Duke appear on the Celebrity Apprentice.

Currently Annie Duke is living in Los Angeles and taking a break from the cash game action to spend time with her family. Annie has four children who she cares for dearly and this limits the amount of time she can spend playing poker these days.

Apr 29 2010

A History of Gambling Which Lead to Internet Gambling

Back in the day when surfing the Internet wasn’t even thought of; gambling was a newborn child. Men suddenly realized that through a game of chance they could double or even triple their wealth, but man also soon learned that they could lose everything as well, even the clothes off their backs. It can be said in true speculation is it with the birth of gambling that brought about the nagging housewife? We may never truly know.

Soon saloons sprang up with their card games and rowdy fun. Men would drink and play cards into the late hours of the night. By the end of the night at least a few lucky ones came out with full pockets. Keep in mind this was the time when were still young ourselves as a nation. Men would lose much to their gambling habits. Some would even bet their guns when all else failed. Gambling became an addiction to our young nation.

To move forward a little, with the separation of the Indian tribes came a great evolution in the gambling world. Along with this came the riverboats, Indian Casinos and of course the city of sin, Las Vegas. Gambling and Casinos flourished, while wives continued to nag and men won and lost fortunes. Gambling became more sophisticated with the invention of the slot machine in 1895. It seemed at this point only the technology used to gamble was evolving, because drinking and playing cards weren’t out of fashion either at this point.

Gambling itself was growing into a teenager, full of spunk and new ideas. In the biggest gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas; gambling’s hormones are raging, multiplying at such a fast pace it is barely visible to the naked eye. Gambling’s young children are the new hotels with casinos built in, new shopping strips and even more eager gamblers hoping to double their fortune. But as with all teenagers, they have to reach adulthood and mature into the person they will become. This is also true with gambling, with maturation came a new method of chance, online gambling.

Casino Internet gambling has reached such popularity, that it is no task to find many sites on the Internet devoted to the cause. The game of chance has reached such levels, that it is a profession to a lot of different people. Poker is the most popular form of gambling, they now have televised competitions and career paths just for poker. Online poker has reached an all time high. The stakes are high and you’ll have a chance if you’re lucky enough—just don’t give away your hand.

All in all from infancy to adulthood, gambling has evolved into something so much more than sitting around a saloon table and drinking. Online gambling takes the heat off of you, especially in the case of internet video poker. You can’t give away your hand if no one can see your face. Online gambling is the new face of gambling, and it can only expand from here.

Apr 21 2010

How to Do Poker Bluffing – Is It Easy

When it comes to playing poker, bluffing is one of the most integral parts of playing the game. Because none of the player’s cards are being shown at any time of the game, players use this as an advantage in order to shake up the confidence of the other players with their respective hands that they would rather opt to fold and allow the person take the pot instead of taking the chances and continue on betting. Bluffing takes a while to master, and for some getting the hang of bluffing during a poker game can be quite challenging. But through these simple steps, you can increase the success of your bluffing during poker games.

Consider the Number of Players

One of the first things to remember when bluffing during a poker game is to take into consideration the number of players playing during the game. Bluffing is more than just betting big and secretly praying that no one would call the huge bet that is placed. The best time to bluff during a poker game is when there are only a few players remaining in a round. This lowers the chances of actually having someone calling your bluff.

Watch the Players Play

Another thing to take into consideration when bluffing during a poker game is to take into consideration who you are up against. Each person plays their hands differently. Avoid bluffing when there is at least one aggressive player still in the game. Aggressive players are those that are more than willing to call your bluff as opposed to the more conservative players who want to make sure that the only time that they raise the stakes is when they have a good hand. Take time to observe a few rounds of the game while you are playing without bluffing. That way, you can take note on which players to avoid and which ones are those who will not call your bluff.

Keep a Straight Face

The term “poker face” is given to those people that are able to hide their emotions and prevent the other players getting an idea of the strength of their cards from their reactions. This is extremely important when it comes to bluffing. Many players that have been playing poker for quite a while take into consideration the facial expressions of the other players, particularly after a community card is dealt. How you react after placing a big bet is a tell-tale sign for the other players to see whether you really have a good hand or just bluffing.

All in Moderation

While bluffing is crucial in the success of many pokerstars players, you should be careful on how often you will be bluffing during the course of the entire game. The other players would eventually catch on that you are just bluffing if you keep on doing this frequently. The secret of an effective bluff is to always keep the other players guessing on whether you are bluffing or not during the game.

Apr 14 2010

Know About the Awesome World of Free Online Poker Games

The online poker game is one of the best free game which can be played easily. The famous analogy “all best things in life are for free” suits perfectly the free online poker. Poker games are a very famous game in the casino, and before the development of internet it was only played in the typical casino. Now online poker seems very attractive to the people of all ages because to youngsters it provides fun and entertainment, and to professionals it provides lots of rewards and great chances to aggregate great wealth.

There are many websites which offer the ability to play online poker with real money to online gamblers. But the main aim and motive behind the online poker is to have fun and entertainment. Usually people download the poker game online and play it with virtual money online or offline. Online free poker is the best option for a beginner to understand and to learn the game. It is the best option to develop the strategies and learn the basics and rules of the game to play it effectively with the real money. Many websites also offers many tricks and tips to be successful in this game.

It is a great option to start with if you want to become a professional poker player in the future. You will gain the experience and can do as much practice as you can to understand the game and to score big in the big leagues. Free online poker is considered to be the gateway to enter in the big leagues as it provides great experience and confidence.

There are many differences in playing the poker online or in the real casino like The Bellagio. The biggest difference is the money that in real casino you play with the real money and f you loose than you loose the money and the confidence but in online poker you play with virtual money and if you loose you’ll gain experience. There are many and different poker games available on internet with different rules and regulations.

There are also many software and other technical stuffs available for online poker at PokerStars. But these things can become boring but at that time one must think about the fun part on free poker and not about building the strategies. Online, you can play with everybody, with your friends or your rival, privately or publicly. It is also a great game to bet on with friends.

Poker is not a game of luck but it needs intelligence and confidence to win the game. There are many rules and regulations of the game and the winning streak can be built by strategies, experience and with the help of game plan. In the beginning it is advised to play the online poker to build the sense for the game and play for. When playing with virtual money one must never hesitate to play roughly because even if he loose he will not loose anything but will gain experience.